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Why do parents participate?

Our classes are designed to provide a fun and engaging environment for parents and children to learn something new together. Learning together creates a different type of bonding experience for the adult and child. Having this experience together allows for relationship growth outside of our classroom as well! You and your kiddo will naturally discuss and reflect on your experiences at the LAFF Lab at home too! 

Are grandparents welcome to bring a child?

Absolutely! We encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, and any other important adult in your child’s life to take a class with them! However, as a reminder, classes are for one adult and one child.


What if I have more than one child?

Unless otherwise noted, our classes are designed to create a bond between one adult and one child. This one-on-one time is essential for strengthening the relationship with you and your child. Date night!

What if I can’t afford a class?

The LAFF Lab has scholarships available for families who are unable to afford classes.


What if my child has a disability?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are certified teachers and would love to discuss specific needs for your child and accommodate them in any way possible.

Are you a local business?

Yes, we are locally owned! We live in NW OKC!

Why choose Harmony Road Music School?

Mrs. Hoover discovered the Harmony Road curriculum while doing observations for her Masters degree. It was unique because the parents go through the entire program with the child. The students develop such a deep understanding of music because they learn keyboard, solfege singing, rhythms, and much more. The classes are fun, upbeat, and so creative. For example, instead of teaching an 18-month-old that there are high and low notes, we have them play birdie notes and elephant notes. Instead of explaining to a 5 year old that their hand needs to be shaped like a relaxed C while playing keyboard, we make "fat frogs" that hop on the keyboard. These little details make a huge difference in the learning process and are some of the reasons we believe it's the best curriculum out there. 

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