Bringing adults and children together

Laugh together. Learn together.

"My daughter started the Harmony Road class today! She learned so much the first day! We're excited to learn keyboard/singing in such an innovative way!"

"We participated in the Harry Potter event - and we had a BLAST!! It was fun, hands on, and perfect for all ages. 100% would do it again! Thank you for a wonderfully fun time."

"They left inspired! The teachers were involved and motivated to give my kids a great experience.
Thanks so much"

"She does a great job of both encouraging and helping us to learn more at the same time as celebrating any and all progress we made along the way."

Nikki Hoover, Teacher/Owner

I created this business to provide an opportunity for parents to bond with their children in a different way. My husband and I like to learn new things together. It's a great date night and makes us feel closer - it's also just really fun to learn something new! When you learn something with your child, it creates memories that will last forever

Creating memories and strengthening relationships is our goal, that's why our motto is Laugh Together. Learn together.  

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